Creating Optin Bar

You can create an Optin from Dashboard -> Xoptin -> Add new and click on the create button. It will ask you to select a service provider for capturing subscribers emails. Follow the steps:

  1. Select MailChimp from the list
  2. Enter the account name for your own understanding purpose.
  3. Enter the API key of your MailChimp account. You can find your API key from MailChimp -> click on profile picture -> Select account -> Extras you will find the API key there. Here is the direct link
  4. Copy the API key and paste in the API key field.
  5. Click on Authorize button it will automatically authenticate the API key and get the lists created in your MailChimp account
  6. Select the desired list for saving subscribers. If you haven’t created a list yet create one from MailChimp -> View Audiences -> Create Audience
  7. Hit the Save & Continue button it will create an optin and attach MailChimp data with it.