Merging My Instagram Feed with Easy Facebook Like Box and custom facebook feed

According to recent changes made by Facebook after acquiring Instagram feed, I decided to merge both plugins together since Facebook is now also using the same Graph API (the infrastructure for developers) and Dashboard for both platforms.

Both Instagram and Facebook are more powerful and effective social media networks on the web sphere. If you are interested, then check out this article.

Okay, let’s not go into a debate! I can totally understand that you may not want to use one or the other for some reason. Keeping that in mind, I have added both as a module, which means if you don’t need any then simply deactivate Facebook or Instagram module.

Custom Instagram and Facebook Feed settings
Enable or disable Instagram or Facebook module

Your site speed and performance is my first priority. With this method, you will include/exclude the resource according to your requirements. This means your site will load even faster than ever.