Creating Offer Bar

To Create an Offer Bar, Click on the XOptin>Add New link in your WordPress Dashboard, or click on the “Plus” icon within the XOptin settings page to open up the add new page. Here, you need to click on the Create button at the bottom of Offer Bar card.


Here, you’ll have simple and awesome form fields to fill it up and start engaging your users.




The title of Offer Bar which will be shown on the archive page of XOptin where all the Offers Bar and Opt-ins Bar will be shown.


The custom announcement content which will be shown to visitors.With WP editor support.

Button label

The label of the button like Submit which will be shown to visitors.

Button URL

The URL of the button which will take the visitor to the specific page or product page.

Enable coupon

If you want to show coupon code wrapped in box check this option.It’s optional.

Coupon code

Code which you want to show to visitors.The default code is XOptin.

Enable timer

If you want to show simple countdown timer check this option.It’s optional.

Timer title

Title on a timer which you want to show to visitors.The default title is Hurry Up.

Timer end date

End date for the countdown timer to stop.By clicking on it, a slick calendar will be open up where you can easily select the end date.


Note: By simply clicking on Save button Offer Bar will be created with default values.You can edit whenever you want.