Slick opt-ins, news and announcements bar

Looking for a software for building emails list, news announcements,  flash sales with coupons and beautiful call to action buttons?

Meet XOptin


XOptin is fully packed with awesome features.Let’s have a look.

Optin Bar

Display an opt-in form to your visitors and get their emails by signing them up on form with custom text.

Offer Bar

Display simple news announcements, flash sales with coupons countdown timer and beautiful call to action buttons.

AB Testing

A/B testing (sometimes called split testing) is comparing two versions of an Opt-in or Offer Bar to see which one performs better.You compare two Opt-ins or Offers Bar by showing the two variants (let’s call them A and B) to similar visitors at the same time. The one that gives a better conversion or views rate, wins!

Smart Triggers

Display your Opt-in or Offer Bar to your visitor’s whenever you want.Yeah, you can handle your Opt-ins and Offers Bar when to show like Auto, After x seconds, On x percentage from the top, After x Selector, Exit intent, On click of x selector.Select Trigger from Triggers & Conditions tab while editing or creating the Opt-in or Offer Bar.

Advanced Display Conditions

Display your Opt-in or Offer Bar to your visitor’s on according to Visitor status.Like, If the visitor is logged in or not and the visitor is on desktop or mobile.Select Display conditions from Triggers & Conditions tab while editing or creating the Opt-in or Offer Bar.

Fully Customizeable

Display custom content on Opt-in and Offer Bar to let visitor’s know your thoughts.With WP editor support yeah you can change the color, font size etc of any word easily and quickly.

Stats and Overview

You can check the stats and overview of Opt-in from Xoptin->Optins Stats.You will have the overview on this page which shows how many Opt-ins are active, Total ViewsTotal Conversions and Total Percentage.

You can also check Optins Stats via Graph.

MailChimp Integration

Easily integrate your Opt-in with the email marketing software like MailChimp by Authorizing API Key.Integrate your MailChimp account from Accounts tab while editing or adding the Opt-in.When API key is authorized successfully your account will be integrated and you will have the lists in Accounts tab.